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September 2016 Archives

Your divorce doesn't need to be a battle

People often think of divorce as if it is a battle, with one spouse squaring off against the other. They think that someone has to "win" the divorce. This can make the process much more stressful, though, which is why experts say you shouldn't think of your divorce on these terms if you want it to go smoothly.

3 myths about child abuse and child custody

Most Winston Salem parents love their children dearly and want what is best for them, even if the parents do not live together. Sadly though, child abuse remains a serious problem in North Carolina. Parents dealing with an abusive spouse or co-parent must take action to protect their kids from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

How divorce can affect your retirement plans

No two divorces are the same, which is why you need an attorney who can personalize his or her representation to your particular situation and goals. For example, if you and your spouse do not have children, or if the kids are grown, you will not have to worry about child custody and child support.

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