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March 2017 Archives

What can you do to make a divorce easier?

There are many ways in which you can make your divorce easier. Everyone knows that working with your ex may not be easy, especially after you decide you want to go through with your divorce. It can be frustrating, but that doesn't mean that your divorce has to drag on. Once the divorce is over, you can also keep things calm by staying civil.

How does divorce affect an adoptee?

Imagine being adopted by two people you care about only to discover that they want to get divorced. As a child, your world might feel like it's falling apart a second time. Being an adopted child and going through a divorce adds a layer of complication to a child's life, so it's important for parents to be patient and accommodating as the child adjusts.

Think about these questions before you go through divorce

Before you decide to ask for a divorce, you need to consider a few different factors involving your children. You know you need to look into your legal options, particularly if you're interested in sole or primary custody. You know your spouse better than others, so you likely know if he or she will be interested in working with or against you when you ask for a divorce.

Sharing custody: 2 common questions

As a parent, it's your worst nightmare if your ex keeps your child away from you. One of the major concerns you always had was who would have custody and when. Custody arrangements are sometimes complicated, but when a parent takes it upon him or herself to withhold your child from you, that's a real problem that the courts need to deal with.

Charlotte: Divorces high in this part of the state

Charlotte is one of the major cities in the state, so it might not be a surprise that Mecklenburg County has more divorces than any other area of North Carolina each year. Interestingly, the number of divorces have dropped, making them close to the lowest they've ever been. In 2015, 3,388 people divorced in the county, the lowest number of divorces in the county since 1998.

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