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July 2017 Archives

3 tips to achieve balance after a divorce is final

After a divorce, you may find it's hard to balance your work and life. Instead of having two people in your family to do the cleaning, cooking, working and other tasks, there's only you after a divorce. This can be hard to adjust to at first, but there are ways that you can do so and get back on track.

North Carolina struggles with foster care and adoption issues

If you've hoped to adopt, now may be the time to look into it. North Carolina has more children in foster care today than it has had in the last 10 years. This is a significant problem and one the state needs to address as soon as possible. One of the state's largest adoption agencies has decided to make changes to reduce the number of children waiting in foster care in hopes of bringing the ever-growing number of waiting children down.

How can you reduce custody conflicts in the summer?

Summer vacation is here, which is great for families who share custody of their children. Summer means children have more free time, and in most cases, their schedules are easier to manage. Summer can also mean having additional custody conflicts, though, which is why it's important to set up a summer vacation visitation schedule as soon as you can.

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