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3 tips for handling your divorce with grace and dignity

Divorces aren't always easy, and they certainly aren't always expected. As someone who is working through a divorce now, you want to make it go as smoothly as possible. Your spouse, on the other hand, isn't as amicable.

How you react to the divorce is up to you. You can handle your divorce with grace and be the better person. Here are a few tips for handling your divorce in a way that leaves you with hope and allows you to heal.

1. Play fair

If you don't want your ex to start trouble, the best method to reduce that risk is to play fair. Be honest, but be kind. Even negative statements can be said in a way that doesn't incite anger or frustration. Try to take the emotion out of the situation and be fair about your settlement and how you treat the other person.

2. Focus on clarity and honesty

It is hard to handle a divorce because of the idea of dishonesty that surrounds it. Maybe you can't trust your spouse or feel he or she violated your marriage in some way. The best way to clear the air is to be honest and clear about what you expect moving forward. Doing this helps your spouse, and his or her legal team, know what you want and expect in this divorce.

3. Take time for yourself and your children

If you have children, it's important to spend time with them during the divorce. Make sure they feel wanted and accepted. On that note, you also have to take care of yourself. Take a day away to focus on things other than your divorce. Eat well, and get enough sleep. When you feel well, you'll react to negative situations with more appropriate responses.

These are a few tips for handling divorce with grace and dignity. This trying time will pass, and it is easier if you handle it with that in mind.

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