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What are some things to include in a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is sometimes looked at with disdain, but the truth is that this is an important document that can save you time and money if you ever go through a divorce. A prenuptial agreement has many important pieces of information listed inside. For instance, it may state all your premarital assets and debts, so you can identify them easily upon divorce.

Disestablishing paternity: A father's right within reason

When two people are getting a divorce and have a child together, it's normal for the primary custodian to receive child support payments from the other parent. In the case that a man and woman are getting a divorce and a man is not sure that a child is his, he may ask for a DNA test to verify paternity before he pays child support to provide for a child he believes may not be his.

A protective order keeps you safe from abuse

Protective orders are designed to help keep people safe when they're otherwise in harm's way. Take for example the housewife who knows her husband comes home angry after work. She fears that he'll take out his anger on her and their children. This woman is an ideal candidate to seek a protective order, which could help prevent her and her children from getting hurt.

How does divorce affect an adoptee?

Imagine being adopted by two people you care about only to discover that they want to get divorced. As a child, your world might feel like it's falling apart a second time. Being an adopted child and going through a divorce adds a layer of complication to a child's life, so it's important for parents to be patient and accommodating as the child adjusts.

What is a no nupt?

The cultural tides are always changing. Today, more couple cohabitate without marriage and while it's an individual's choice how to define their relationship, it also creates the potential for financial challenges when a couple is together for a long time without formally tying the knot.

Mother discovered in North Carolina after going missing

When the mother of a child goes missing and leaves the father with no idea of where his child is, it can make a custody situation incredibly tense. You always deserve to know where your children are when you have joint custody arrangements. Sometimes things aren't as they appear, but other times, parents run away with their children and face serious consequences when they're found.

The presence of frozen embryos can complicate divorce

In most cases, people applaud the advancements in reproductive technology that make it possible for a childless couple to bear offspring. For many, this technology paves the way to realizing what may have once seemed an impossible dream. In vitro fertilization is one of the most popular forms of reproductive technology and involves the implantation of a fertilized egg into the mother's body.

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