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Take care to parent fairly during the holidays

Whether you and your child's other parent have been separated for a long time or are in the middle of breaking up, your children have ongoing needs for stability and normalcy, especially in the upcoming holiday season. Holidays are different for every family, but however you choose to divide up parental and family time, it will certainly affect your children.

Teen unable to go to school due to legal conflict

Imagine being unable to send your child to school because of a conflict in your custody order. That's what has happened in this case involving a 17-year-old boy and his mother. According to the news story posted on Aug. 29, the boy cannot attend school in Hanover County because the school officials believe that the mother does not have legal custody of the teen.

Your child comes first when it comes to child custody

There are many kinds of child custody for a number of different situations. To start with, parents must decide if they want physical or legal custody. You can have both. Physical custody refers to who has a child in his or her home, whereas legal custody describes the right to make legal decisions for the child.

How can you reduce custody conflicts in the summer?

Summer vacation is here, which is great for families who share custody of their children. Summer means children have more free time, and in most cases, their schedules are easier to manage. Summer can also mean having additional custody conflicts, though, which is why it's important to set up a summer vacation visitation schedule as soon as you can.

The pros and cons of a custody case

When you get a divorce, you have to work through child custody issues and determine where your child will live and when he or she will see each parent. After some time, you may find that you wish to take on a larger role in your child's life or that you need to keep your child away from a dangerous or negligent parent.

Parental rights and domestic violence: Custody rights

After allegations of domestic violence, a court is more likely to be conservative when determining custody arrangements. One concern is that the once-abusive party could become abusive toward his or her child. This is why it's important for all aspects of the case to be discussed before custody cases are determined.

2 tips for including your child in parenting plan decisions

Your child is young, and you're not sure he understands what it means that you're going to get a divorce from his father. You know that you have to make a parenting plan and work out custody-related issues, but you're still trying to understand how to explain it to your child.

How can you win sole or primary custody?

If you are getting a divorce from your spouse, one thing you may be looking into is winning custody of your child. If there is a reason that you believe you should have sole custody, then it's important to have evidence and proof of why you're the parent who should care for your child and why the other parent should not.

Man convicted, woman faces charges for parental kidnapping

When it comes to child custody arrangements, it's wise to follow court orders unless there is a dire emergency. For example, you'd never take your child away from your ex and hide him or her unless you knew your child was in significant danger. Doing so could land you in hot water with the courts and even threaten your custody rights.

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