Business Law

With its office within a short walk of Winston-Salem's Innovation Quarter, Schmitz Law is at the hub of Winston-Salem's exciting and revitalized downtown business center.

We are taking a whole new approach to the way we meet our business clients' needs. The attorneys at Schmitz Law take the time to get to know you and your business, to learn what's important to you, and to understand your legal needs. We don't offer a "one size fits all" approach. When you succeed, we succeed.

No matter how small your company might be, it's wise to consult with an attorney, to help minimize your risk exposure and to help ensure you are following the proper corporate rules, so that you may realize the maximize benefits of your business entity.

Experienced Legal Counsel For Business Owners

The first question many new, innovative startup business owners ask is, "How much does a lawyer cost, and is the value of the services delivered worth it?" Schmitz Law offers affordable and budget friendly services to new business start-ups, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. For many of our services, we offer flat-fees, so that you know exactly how much will have to pay. "Is it worth it?" That's a loaded question. In many instances, the value of the services we offer often depends on the value of your time and the level of your risk tolerance. In other situations, the value far exceeds the amount you pay for the related service.

With years of litigation experience, we have observed first-hand the consequences of relying on DIY legal work - including what you can get through those "quickie legal document websites" - the consequences can be devastating and the resulting financial fallout crippling. Would you really rely on your self-diagnosis based on what you found on the internet or do your own surgical procedure after watching an online instructional video? We didn't think so.

We advise and guide innovators at each stage of corporate development. We start with identifying and selecting the appropriate form for your legal business entity. This could be a C corporation, S corporation, limited liability company, partnership or limited partnership.

When there are multiple owners of a business, we help develop meaningful and practical operating, shareholder, or partnership agreements, so that you can focus on your business without having to worry about your relationships with your business partners - even the most trusted. If an issue arises between the partners, the proper agreement could very well be the difference between an easily resolved, minor issue and an epic battle and possible the demise of your company.

Providing Contract Assistance

We also assist our clients with drafting, negotiating, and interpreting commercial contracts, leases, and shareholder agreements.

When our clients present a question to which we don't have the answer, we find the answer.

Though not an exhaustive list of the services we provide, these are a few examples of the documents we prepare for our clients, helping them take their businesses to the next level.

  • Articles of Organization for LLCs;
  • Articles of Incorporation for S-Corporations and C-Corporations;
  • Operating agreements for limited liability companies (LLC's);
  • Shareholder agreements for C-corporations and S-corporations
  • Operating Agreement (LLC) or By-Laws and Organizational Minutes (Corporation)
  • Federal Tax Identification (EIN) application
  • Annual shareholder meeting minutes
  • Customer and vendor contracts

Discuss Your Business Needs With Us Today

We offer an initial low-cost half-hour consultation, by phone, in person, or Skype. To discuss your new business venture or current business needs, call us at 336-893-0332 or complete our online contact form. From our office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we represent clients throughout the Triad, including Greensboro and High Point.