Debt Recovery

One of the biggest complaints we hear from business owners is the constant struggle of "chasing their money." You do the work for your customer - quality work - and then your customer either puts off paying you or just goes radio-silent and refuses to answer your calls. With years of experience representing clients in the collection of their accounts receivable, Schmitz Law can offer legal counsel to assist you.

What We Can Do To Help

Some of the services we offer to business owners include:

  • Developing and implementing sound business practices to help ensure you're paid in full and on time
  • Doing the grunt work of chasing your customers to help you get paid
  • Guidance in your full compliance with the North Carolina Debt Collection Act, violation of which can result in stiff civil penalties
  • Representing your company in court if it becomes necessary to collect your hard-earned money

What are those sound business practices? To name a few:

  • Documented and detailed scope of work to be performed and a written estimate of the overall cost or budget for the project
  • Professional and thorough customer contracts
  • Disciplined practices for following up with your customers following their receipt of an invoice
  • Utilizing the services of Schmitz Law for a more aggressive approach to collecting your receivables
  • Managing your liability exposure when pursuing collection of an account

We know as a business owner, you prefer to know how much the work to be performed is going to cost, instead of hearing "it will depend on how much time we have to spend on your case." We offer a variety of affordable fixed fees to our clients in helping them establish their in-house practices for collecting their receivables, as well as for providing direct representation in your collection efforts.

We Can Handle The Hard Work

Many businesses have a full-time staff-member, whose sole job is just to collect on accounts that are more than 30 days past-due; this requires training, office space, technology, and of course, additional payroll. By turning to the expertise and services of Schmitz Law, we can help you reduce the associated overhead and leverage your time and resources, while your team dedicates its expertise to delivering its services as it does best.

We offer an initial low-cost half-hour consultation, by phone, in person, or Skype. To discuss your debt collection needs, call us at 336-893-0332 or complete our online contact form. From our office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we represent clients throughout the Triad, including Kernersville and Greensboro.