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Safeguarding Your Future With Marital Agreements

Separation Agreements

In some circumstances, a divorce is not an appropriate option for a couple experiencing marital difficulties. A separation agreement can provide the opportunity for the couple to try to work on the marriage, abide by religious beliefs or have financial and legal protection in other circumstances in which divorce is not preferred. A separation agreement can help you live apart, potentially obtain spousal support, and have other benefits of a legal divorce without actually obtaining one. To determine whether a separation agreement is appropriate for you, contact us at 336-893-0332. We are happy to discuss all of the legal options available to you, including alternatives to divorce, if your marriage is experiencing significant difficulties.

Postnuptial Agreements

It is not too late to obtain a marital agreement even after you are married. However, requirements exist for creating a legally valid postnuptial agreement. If you wish to discuss whether a postnuptial agreement is appropriate for you, and if a postnuptial agreement can be created for your marriage, call us today.

Our office is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and we represent clients throughout the Triad, including High Point and Greensboro. Schedule your initial consultation with an established marital agreement lawyer by calling 336-893-0332. You can also reach Attorney Schmitz through this online intake form.

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