Defending DWI Clients And Their Freedom

Driving while intoxicated is a charge that a variety of people face — regardless of your income, social status, occupation, or any other kind of demographic characteristic. Anyone who is pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in North Carolina could be charged if they have been consuming alcohol, whether they are work at a minimum-wage job or are the CEO of a big company.

Merely being pulled over for DWI does not mean that you will be convicted, however. Working with an attorney who is experienced in drunk driving defense might make a big difference when it comes to how your case turns out. If you've been charged with DWI, contact the attorneys at Schmitz Law, P.C., in Winston-Salem to help you protect your rights and your freedom.

We Work Hard To Earn Your Trust

There are a lot of opportunities throughout a DWI arrest for a mistake to be made — a mistake that could make evidence inadmissible and derail the prosecutors' case. However, it is up to the lawyer representing you to identify these errors or oversights in order to use them to your advantage.

Here are some questions we seek to answer for our DWI clients:

  • Was the traffic stop conducted appropriately, and was there sufficient reasonable suspicion to make the stop in the first place?
  • Were field sobriety tests performed, and were they performed within the proscribed guidelines?
  • Was a breath test administered, and was the equipment up-to-date and properly maintained and calibrated?
  • Can the chain of custody of a blood sample taken be fully accounted for?
  • Was the client informed of his or her rights accurately and completely, particularly in regard to refusing to submit to a test?
  • Were you given an opportunity to have a witness present to observe your breath test?

Even if you were undoubtedly driving under the influence, and even if after evaluating your case there doesn't seem to be a viable option to defend you against a DWI charge, there are still several things that can be done to mitigate your punishment. The Schmitz Law, P.C. legal team is here to help keep your punishment in these cases to the bare minimum.

We will make every effort to clear your name and minimize any punishment you might face. Call us today at 336-893-0332 for a consultation or contact the firm online.