Providing Advocacy For Your Child's Education

Sound Legal Counsel to Meet your Child's Special Needs

When your child's education and future are on the line, it may seem like your world just stops turning. Convincing those entrusted with the education of your child how his or her needs can best be met can sometimes feel like you're wrestling with a 1,000-pound gorilla.

Special education lawyer Joe Schmitz, having a child with special needs, knows firsthand what you're going through while trying to obtain the educational resources your child requires. At Schmitz Law, P.C., we help parents of children with special needs and specific learning disabilities to fully access the free appropriate public education they are entitled to and deserve.

Whether you just need some guidance in preparing for your next individualized education program (IEP) meeting, or whether you are dissatisfied with the IEP your child's school is proposing and you believe that your child may need legal representation, we are here to help.

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

IEPs are often times a parent's worst nightmare. You might attend the meeting and walk away feeling like no one was listening to you, or perhaps even worse, the team of educators acted like you were not even present. Hopefully you have not had such a negative experience, but odds are if you are reading this, you probably have.

A well drafted IEP can be the difference between your child's success and much less acceptable academic results. The federal and state statutes and regulations governing IEPs are in-depth and are often confusing, and they undoubtedly leave you scratching your head asking what they mean and what services your child may actually be entitled to.

Schmitz Law has at its disposal a team of highly qualified educators with several decades of combined experience and advanced degrees who can review your child's current IEP, test scores, private assessments, and the like, and help you develop an outline of what services, modifications, and/or accommodations your child with special needs or a learning disability may need to access his or her true and full academic potential.

But what happens if your child has not received the services his or her IEP promised to provide? There are a number of options and paths toward seeking relief that best suits your child's needs, and we are here to help you navigate the seeming inaccessible system standing between your child and their educational pursuits. Schmitz Law recognizes that it's not always prudent to "bite the hand that feeds you," and we understand how to achieve the maximum results for your child with special needs without jeopardizing your necessary long-term relationship with your child's educators.

Chart a Course for Success Today

You know your child best, and you are your child's greatest advocate, but sometimes your child requires skilled legal representation. Schmitz Law is here to walk alongside you and your child toward opening the doors to their future. For help with an IEP, a 504 plan, or an appeal, contact Schmitz Law, P.C., at 336-893-0332, or reach us online here. We are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and represent children throughout the Triad area.