"I highly recommend Joe Schmitz and his firm! I was out of the state working when I had in not so many words "my world come crashing down". Since I was away from home my wife called multiple law firms for assistance. Joe was not only the first to call back, but, called back and set up an immediate Zoom appointment to discuss the issues. I was being held to the fire and had been beaten down so much that I truly felt all was lost. During the first meeting Joe was very kind and professional. He made my wife and I feel extremely confident and also he made us feel as if we were important to him (he more than exceeded the latter). Joe met us face to face for the first time the day of court. He was confident but also very matter of fact. He always told us the truth and what negative outcomes we could face. Joe hit a home run that day and in a way saved my world. I can't say how grateful we are to have had the pleasure of having Joe and his staff (especially Rhonda) work for us. They both truly empathized with our situation and provided a soothing atmosphere whenever we needed it. Thank you Joe and Rhonda for everything, God Bless you both!"

- Joe C.

"My husband and I came to Joe's office nervous, with a tough case that would change the future of our entire family. His honesty and confidence from the beginning put us at ease. His staff was quick to respond, kept us informed of every step of the process, and answered all questions promptly. Joe's performance in court blew us away. The case he presented was rock-solid, evidence heavy, to the point I almost felt bad for my defendant at times. This is a dream-team worthy attorney worth every penny."

-B. Sutton

"In the challenging navigation of the divorce process, Joe leads his clients with fairness, compassion, honesty and truth. Without Joe and the amazing associates at Schmitz Law, it would have been a painful, lengthy process. Joe and his team are 5 stars, 10 out of 10, best of the best!"

- B.B.

"Joe and his team at Schmitz Law went above and beyond for me during my divorce negotiations. It was the hardest time of my life, and they were always compassionate and professional. I was very pleased with the result and always recommend Schmitz Law to friends in need of top notch legal representation."

- M.L.

"Joe Schmitz has always provided my family and I excellent and very personal attention towards our family law needs. His level of integrity and compassion in his work sets him and his firm apart.

I would highly recommend Mr. Schmitz."

- Matt

"Joe and his staff have served me as a client with kindness and honesty. They are very capable of helping navigate the trenches of the legal system with undeniable quality and professionalism. They were also compassionate and genuinely sympathetic. I would definitely recommend hiring Joe if you are in need of legal services."

- Jason

"Mr. Schmitz and Rhonda were some of the most professional individuals I've encountered in my life. While the nature of our business was inherently negative, they were empathetic towards my situation and always provided sound advice which enabled me have the best possible outcome with my case. Rhonda was always caring and friendly when every I spoke to her, and Mr. Schmitz was consistently straight forward with me even while displaying genuine concern for my opinion and desires. Great team."

- Fred

"I would highly recommend Attorney Schmitz. I was very pleased with the way he handled my case. Attorney Schmitz and his team are very professional and informative. Thank you for service."

- Tyrone G.

"I am forever grateful for Attorney Joe Schmitz and the incredible staff at Schmitz Law. Finding this legal counsel to handle my case was a blessing and a godsend, as the matters of divorce are emotionally driven, and a compassionate and calming attorney is the key to success! Joe and his excellent attorney/client relations, his keen attention to detail coupled with his excellence in family law simplifies the process. Schmitz Law gives their clients great piece of mind and understanding. This means everything when you are struggling with the hard, emotional events in the divorce and settlement process. He brings a "calm to the storm" and gets results with clarity and compassion. The support staff is on point and is equally compassionate and patient while delivering excellence in service. I highly recommend Schmitz Law!"

- Lauren S.H.

"Joe and his staff are easy to deal with. They were flexible with their time. I would recommend them for your family law needs."

- Roy R.

"Mr. Joseph Schmitz will get the job done by fighting hard and fighting fair. Joe demands accountability from the opposition and is very savvy with the law in the courtroom.

During times of counsel, Joe has a very caring nature that communicates plan of action while comforting during times of distress.

You will feel confident and assured with Joe on your team. He won my family peace and stability. I have no higher recommendations."

- L.McNeill

"Joe is caring, sensitive, and compassionate. It's not just a job, it's a journey, and Joe has been with me every step of the way. I could not have picked a better lawyer to represent me."

- DJ

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