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September 2017 Archives

3 tips for talking to your child about divorce

There is one thing that you have to remember when you divorce and you and your partner have children: It's impossible to hide the divorce from them, even if they're young. You might think your toddler won't remember the divorce, and that might be true in the future. Unfortunately, your toddler does know what's happening now, so you have to address it by talking about divorce with your child.

You can cope with a frustrating divorce with the right tips

It is difficult to manage emotions during divorces in some cases, and because of that, some people don't want to talk about divorce or handle it at all. The problem with that is that if a spouse won't accept documents or sign them, it can drag a divorce out for months or years longer than necessary.

Teen unable to go to school due to legal conflict

Imagine being unable to send your child to school because of a conflict in your custody order. That's what has happened in this case involving a 17-year-old boy and his mother. According to the news story posted on Aug. 29, the boy cannot attend school in Hanover County because the school officials believe that the mother does not have legal custody of the teen.

Your child comes first when it comes to child custody

There are many kinds of child custody for a number of different situations. To start with, parents must decide if they want physical or legal custody. You can have both. Physical custody refers to who has a child in his or her home, whereas legal custody describes the right to make legal decisions for the child.

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