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Mediation - IT WORKS!

I'm a family law attorney and am also certified as a Family Financial Mediator by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission - wearing each hat (never at the same time) affords me the opportunity to work with folks going through marital separations and to assist them with resolving their differences as it concerns dividing their property, scheduling their shared custodial arrangements for their children, and calculating spousal and child support payments.

How can you protect your kids' faith in a divorce?

Religious beliefs are a major part of many people's lives. Whether you were raised in a particular religion or converted to a new faith as an adult, you probably want to share that faith with your family, especially your children.

Quite a few people are able to overlook religious differences with their loved ones. Some people even marry outside their religion without issue. However, if you and your spouse share children, have different religions, and plan to get divorced, the discrepancy in your belief systems could soon demand a closer consideration as part of your child custody proceedings.

Going to divorce with kids? Their ages influence how they respond

When kids go through divorce, they sometimes have a hard time adjusting to the changes that they're going through. At different ages, children understand divorce differently, which is something that can help you if you want to support them through it.

Talking about what children can and cannot understand or cope with at different ages is essential for parents going through divorce. For example, an infant probably needs to be with mom often for the purposes of breastfeeding and comfort, but they also won't understand what's going on. There would likely be no reason to explain to a young infant.

Quarantine Reflections

Although I haven't been forced to work from home, my commitments outside of the office have all but disappeared. It's given my family more time at home together, and for me, some time to think and reflect on where I've been and where I'd like to go.

My first realization has been that I shouldn't be concerned about minimizing the impact this COVID-19 crisis is going to have on my family and business. Rather, I should be seizing this time as an opportunity to create new and invaluable opportunities. I should be asking how can I generate growth while the world "appears" to be at a standstill.

COVID-19 and the Law

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken. It's true. If put under enough pressure, a 2x4 wood stud will snap. A bungee cord on the other hand can withstand substantial forces, almost always springing back to normal. If you can learn to be as flexible as Gumby, there's not much in life that will shake you.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, we need to be flexible. We will need to extend more grace than we might have imagined before. We may need to hold our thoughts in, as it seems that everyone else around is becoming even less filtered - no need to try and be the loudest in the room - it'll just makes matters worse. We will need to offer assistance more frequently. We will need to knit together as a community in ways we've forgotten. We will need to become ok with this momentary interruption in our easy lives. Yes, I said "easy," as I've traveled to 2nd and 3rd world countries, observing just how hard life can really be, which has enabled me to keep a healthy perspective on just how easy our lives are in the U.S. Life is a journey, and nothing is ever certain. Start stretching now and improving your flexibility - you're going to need it!

Retiring and Faced with Divorce?

As a family law attorney, I am beginning to see increasing numbers of individuals who are nearing retirement or already retired and who are now facing separation and divorce. Amongst many others, these cases are often difficult for least a couple of reasons:

1. There are both separate and marital assets that have to be accounted for; and/or

2. There isn't sufficient income to support both spouses separately and individually. 

Parenting plan terms must benefit the children

Coming to the terms of a child custody agreement doesn't have to involve an all-out battle. Instead, you and your ex can put the kids first and make decisions that benefit them. This might not end up with all of your wishes being met, but you can still have a productive parenting plan.

There are several things that you must remember when you are trying to come up with the terms of the child custody plan. These can all help you during the negotiations, but they also help you to set up the future parenting relationship.

Tips for helping your children adjust to life after your divorce

Learning that your parents are divorcing is an adverse event in a child's life. Once they hear the news, they will start to think about the future. They want to know how this is going to affect them. For some, the scariest thing to think about is how they are going to transition from one home to the other.

There are several ways that parents can help their children to cope with this significant life change. Trying to make things easier on them at each step is beneficial, but you also have to ensure they know how to handle challenging situations that they can't change.

Legal custody will impact religious choices for your children

There are so many issues to worry about during your divorce that you may overlook some of the most profound and lasting impacts of the process. Focusing too much on one area could result in less-than-ideal court outcomes.

Custody is a perfect example. Many parents become fixated on physical custody of their children. Physical custody involves whom the children stay with at any given time and influences who has to pay child support and how much they pay.

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